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The Beehive

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Chocolates Inspired By You
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dangerously delicious...

Received some of this chocolate in a subscription box. It is so good we immediately placed an overseas order. Must say it is embarrassing how quickly we are gobbling it all! Highly recommend+++

Steve Colgan
Amazing chocolate from an amazing company

Loved every bit but it's unfortunate I had to share it. Will be back for more.

Chocolates for travel😅

Hi. I sent the beehive collection back home as presents for my family back home as i like them to have a taste of authentic irish chocolates in the Philippines which btw is difficult to find in local stores here😊.It melted though by the time it was received (by the fact our country is on summer seasons now.. there was also confusions with the expiration as we read dates as eg. November 3 rather than 3rd of November😁. They also noticed that the dark chocolate kind has not so much dark chocolate with it.. the more darkchocolate there is, the healtheir😊
Nway, for me overall not a specific problem cause i am more into milk chocos than dark😁 and am familiar one way or the other with some ways here, which of course they're not back home.
But nway, we will try more of your collections thats for sure, and whether they agree or not, i will send more of your irish chocolates back home as i kind of like that they're not too sweet. Haha. Thank u and Godbless.

john conway

very happy with my order

🍯 The Bewitching Beehive Bundle 🍯


Unveil the magic of flavour with The Beehive, a whimsical collection of our irresistible Honeycomb Hexes, making it a dream come true for every chocolate aficionado! 🌟

🌟 Featured Chocolates 🌟


Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

Experience the ultimate crunch with our homage to the classic crunchie bar! Smooth Belgian milk chocolate envelops smashed honeycomb, delivering rich caramel notes with every bite.

Cookies and Cream Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

A delightful mix of crushed Oreo pieces, smashed honeycomb, and creamy Belgian milk chocolate creating a double chocolate and rich caramel symphony, loved by kids and adults alike.

Marshmallow Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

A delightful amalgamation of smashed honeycomb pieces and fluffy marshmallows blanketed in smooth Belgian milk chocolate, offering a feast of tastes and textures.

Orange Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

A tantalizing blend of orange extract, creamy Belgian milk chocolate, and golden honeycomb, delivering a citrusy and rich gourmet experience.

Mint Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

Refresh your senses with our version of the traditional mint crisp, a minty crunch fused with smooth Belgian milk chocolate and golden honeycomb pieces.

Honeycomb Hex - White Chocolate

A unique pairing of velvety Belgian white chocolate and rich smoky honeycomb, creating a depth of flavour that leaves you craving more.

Cookies and Cream Honeycomb Hex - White Chocolate

A visually striking marble block of Belgian white chocolate, golden honeycomb, and brown Oreo speckles offering a distinct and sweet chocolaty flavour.

Marshmallow Honeycomb Hex - White Chocolate

A memorable concoction of crushed honeycomb pieces and fluffy marshmallows encased in creamy Belgian white chocolate.

Orange Honeycomb Hex - Dark Chocolate

Luxurious 54.5% Belgian dark chocolate meets zesty orange extract and crunchy golden honeycomb, for a rich and fruity burst of flavour.

Mint Honeycomb Hex - Dark Chocolate

A timeless mix of refreshing peppermint extract, luxurious Belgian dark chocolate, and golden honeycomb pieces, creating a rich and minty flavour profile.


🖤 Packaging


Embark on a magical journey with ten of our tasty Honeycomb Hexes, meticulously packed in a high-quality, stylish box. It's not just a collection; it's a sensory experience waiting to unfold.

🌿 Cocoa Horizons Support


Our commitment to quality and sustainability is evident through our support for Cocoa Horizons, a program aimed at uplifting cocoa farmers through training and access to farming tools, ensuring the continual availability of superior taste and improving the livelihoods of cocoa farming communities.

💚 Irish Handcrafted Excellence


Crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail, these Irish chocolates represent the pinnacle of artisanal quality, making them an ideal choice for those looking to experience the best in Irish Chocolate Gifts.