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We may have gone too far with this one! A massive box packed full of our tastiest treats! 


The Big Box comes packed with handcrafted:


Salted Caramel Clusters

Crunchy golden caramel with a splash of the Atlantic encased in smooth Belgian milk chocolate. 

Orange Chilli Clusters

Luxurious Belgian dark chocolate infused with zesty orange essence and a pinch of chilli flakes. 

Almond Pecan Mallow Bites

Fluffy marshmallows with flaked almonds and chunky pecans encased in a creamy Belgian white chocolate.

Raspberry Mallow Bites

Chewy marshmallows with juicy freeze-dried raspberry pieces encased in luxurious Belgian dark chocolate.

Caramelized Chocolate Chip & Sea Salt Bar

Caramelised white chocolate chips with a splash of the Atlantic blended into this smooth Belgian milk chocolate bar.

Blueberry & Ginger Bar

Rich Belgian dark chocolate with delicious blueberries infused with pressed ginger essence. 

Ruby Raspberry Bar

Rich ruby chocolate drops and tangy freeze-dried raspberry bits encased in a bar of creamy Belgian white chocolate.


Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

A classic pairing, and our version of the ultimate crunchie bar! A big chunk of smooth Belgian milk chocolate with smashed honeycomb running throughout gives that rich caramel taste in every bite!

Marshmallow Honeycomb Hex - Milk Chocolate

Our smashed honeycomb pieces are combined with fluffy marshmallows altogether in a chunk of smooth Belgian milk chocolate. This is a plethora of taste and texture that is sure to go down a treat!  

Cookies and Cream Honeycomb Hex - White Chocolate

Another of our personal favourites among the Hexes! Oreos have a distinct chocolate flavour that pairs nicely with the sweet velvety nature of our Belgian white chocolate, and when you throw in our rich golden honeycomb, you get a mouthful of taste you won't find anywhere else! 

Orange Honeycomb Hex - Dark Chocolate

We take our luxurious 54.5% dark Belgian chocolate, combine it with our zesty orange extract and all mixed together with our crunchy golden honeycomb. Each bite is filled with a fruity rich burst of flavour! 

Mint Honeycomb Hex - Dark Chocolate

Our luxurious 54.5% Belgian dark chocolate is infused with a refreshing peppermint extract and all mixed together with our golden honeycomb pieces. Each bite is a rich and refreshingly minty combination of flavours and textures! 


About our Chocolate


For each chocolate you buy, Cocoa Horizons reinvests a part in farmer training and farming tools to elevate farmers into experts. With their crops, we can continue bringing you superior taste. And in turn, they make a better living out of cocoa farming.



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